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William Kevin Petty

Simply put, I'll draw it: illustrations, cards, logos, etc.
Since I began in 2011, I've done character sketches and concept art for book projects, logos, art for websites, badges and children's book illustrations.  I'm open to projects of all sorts and budgets....just ask!!!!  

Who Exactly Do You Think You Are!?

The vitals: I'm William Kevin Petty, I've lived most of my life in central Louisiana with sojourns in New Orleans and various military postings in Europe and the Middle East.

In my former life as an Army Officer I deployed frequently to Europe and the Middle East....all the while drawing, sketching, plotting and planning. Eventually, I collected vast stockpiles of dog-eared sketchbooks and scraps of paper. What to do with this detritus? I'm gonna show it off and see what happens, that's what. So, in short, my various sketches are collected here, because fair or foul they'd like to be seen.  Now that I've settled back in my home town of Alexandria, Louisiana, I'm adding paintings to my portfolio and hanging out my shingle as an artist for hire.

I attended college here and there, majoring mostly in archeology and working in museums a big fat chunk of my 20's. I like to credit this experience as a shaping force in my work. A lot of the compositions have little insights into how wonderfully things were constructed through the centuries. My art education is not unlike a ransom letter, made from various clippings and glued onto a common page. But I love the weird; from EC comics to Lord Dunsany to Lovecraft to MST3K.... this planet is so damned strange especially when it isn't trying to be.

I work primarily in acrylic on masonite and occasionally canvas, and a pencil/photoshop combination that you'll see featured in the bestselling(!) Her Majesty's Explorer, A Steampunk Bedtime Story published in March of 2012.   A number of commissions and new works have been cropping up, and you'll see them here, as they're finished up.

Professionally or commercially, most of what you see here is typical of what I enjoy doing. I may equally enjoy something you might suggest, especially as it probably hasn't occurred to me yet. By all means, send me an email or message. If you think I might be a good fit for your project, know that I understand deadlines and the need to follow through with promises. I also enjoy working with people new to the field, as I am, and helping them realize their vision two-dimensionally. As far as prices or fees, let's talk about your budget and see what we can work out.

Thanks for taking the time to look around my site, drop a line with any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!